Baghrirs or North African Pancakes

Baghrirs are light and spongy semolina pancakes which originate from Maghreb, the Northern regions of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Similar to the English crumpets, they are cooked only on one side whilst honeycomb holes form all over the top surface. They are traditionally eaten with runny honey liberally poured over them and covering the thousand holes.
Tried and Tasted Recipe:
  • 250g fine semolina flour
  • 50g plain flour
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 400 ml lukewarm water
  • 2 packets/12g of yeast
  • Oil
Dilute sugar and yeast in a cup of lukewarm water.
Mix flour and semolina together and add the yeast mixture.
Gradually add the water whilst mixing with a whisk to avoid any lumps.
Cover with a cloth and let the mixture sit a warm place for an hour or two, until doubled in size and foamy.
Lightly oil a heavy pan or skillet and cook the Baghrirs one ladleful at a time. They will be cooked when tiny holes have formed all over the dry surface.  Set on a plate and cover with a cloth whilst cooking the next ones.
Serve warm, with melted honey, if wanting to keep with tradition...
...or why not try them with Nuttela, jam or maple syrup, for a bit of eccentricity.

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